First, a video to introduce the porcupine...

Process: Storyboards of certain story moments. Found objects were collected to inspire a thread of moments that made up the complete story. 

This film will focus heavily on the character's actions of collecting lost objects. For a few months, I collected knick knacks, candy wrappers and anything else that caught my eye. I used these items to inspire the character's actions and the story to integrate process into animation. By showing process as well as natural visual textures, I hope that the film becomes easier to connect to. 

Final Animation
Side by side comparison of storyboards to final scene. Below, is a process video of only the objects. 

Each item is photographed and manipulated digitally to get rid of any stiffness, hopefully to give more life to each item!

More process gifs below.
Porcupine early design
The porcupine likes to collect baseball cards
Blue early design
The Porcupine in his junk pile

Come back soon! 

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