Unreleased Work
Waffles + Mochi
Client: Higher Grounds Productions and Netflix
Responsible for: Storyboards, Character, BG, Prop and Effects Design for three music videos and various segments.
Tig Notaro:Drawn
Client: HBO
Responsible for: Storyboards, and overall Design for Philly Story segment. Additional Storyboards and Designs for other segments.
Client: FX
Responsible for: Designs and Storyboards
Great Wolf Pack
Client: Great Wolf Lodge
Responsible for: Character, Color, Prop and Effects Design
How to Become a Cult Leader
Client: Netflix
Responsible for: Storyboards and Title Cards
Client: ABC
Responsible for: Storyboards and additional Character, BG and Prop Design
Oh My God, Yes!
Adult Swim
Character, Prop, Additional BG Design as well as initial storyboards.
BIG TALK small talk: Glow in the Dark Concept Studio
A series pitch in collaboration with Glow in the Dark Concept Studios. To see the full booklet, or more information, contact Glow in the Dark Concept Studios: hello@glowinthedarkstudios.com!
interview with a germ
(He lives in my coffee cup)
Princess Watermelon
A piece of gum goes into the real world. Based off a passive aggressive teen tumblr post. (dekoboko means bumpy or lumpy in Japanese)
Elevator Jam
An elevator set created for an interactive gallery installation. A small monitor is inserted into the prop to reveal a mosquito man character playing his apple core guitar.
Angi's Cookies
Aquarium of the Pacific: Aquashorts
A series of commercial-like shorts to promote Aquaculture. In collaboration with Art Center Design Matters department and the Aquarium of the Pacific
World Blood Donor Day (Anomaly Shanghai)
A Campaign for World Blood Donor Day to donate blood any day of the year. Role: Animator Agency: Anomaly Shanghai Director: Winnie Chi Photography: Crown Wang Animation: Winnie Chi, Yuki Mori, Shadow Chen
chu chu tako kai na
"Chu chu tako kai na" is a nursery rhyme to help you count in twos. The song used is from one of my favorite childhood shows にほんごであそぼ (Nihongo de Asobo)
Nike Presents: JUST DO IT.
Animation created for a Nike campaign (Seen at 0:40). Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Director: Kazuhi Yoshikawa
concert with a germ
Just a bunch of germs singing and jamming.
Harajuku Girls
A project exploring and redefining the problematic one dimensional narratives presented by western media of Asian cultures. These set of short videos focuses on Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls back up dancers who were portrayed as characters or dolls that exist in Stefani's imagination. By placing them into real world environments, and creating a sense of agency through their subtle interaction with the camera, the girls are brought back into reality, and are given a chance to be more than just props.
"11:30 pm is when the kids go to bed and the grandparents gossip." Miniature set created with paper and drywall with projected animation.
His Name is Poncho
My friend Sharon named her hair Poncho when she was little because it kept her dry when it rained. This character is based off her hair. It's good to stay dry during a rain storm but sometimes it's fun to jump in the rain too. Digital animation projected onto a picture book prop.
Bats n' Strawberries
pizza lips
Sock Witch
Interactive set with projected animation.
Hand Circus
(work in progress)
Loop de Loop: Bug
Two entries for LoopdeLoop's "Bug" Theme in collaboration with Remus and Kiki!
Moon Magic
The moon is having a secret performance at the pop can theater. A project exploring projection and transparencies.
A tiny old man takes a stroll. One week film exploring paper crafts and animation.
Almost projects
smaller projects and projects that needed a little more time.
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